Equilibrium Personal Training

Our goal at Equilibrium is to help you achieve a fit, balanced, harmonic and better quality of life.  We have a one of a kind assessment software and training systems brought straight from Brazil to the USA, that utilize your specific body information to make a scientifically designed program just for you.  Throughout your training, you will be able to see your results on paper, and track your progress to a healthy and balanced body.

Once you receive your personalized training routine, your trainer will train you with free weights, machines, body weight exercises, and special movements that will help shape your body (we also have special Brazilian exercises to help you women out there achieve the famed "Brazilian Booty"!) 

What are you waiting for?

If you are ready to start an exercise program for the first time to lose fat, are an advanced weight lifter looking to evaluate your current condition and push your body even further, or an athlete needing to make your body into its absolute top condition, our fitness assessment and training program will be designed to fit your exact needs.

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Assisting with performing a perfect squat

Assisting with performing a perfect squat

Come experience Personal Training that scientifically designs your training based on your own body! Our trainers have master degrees in personal training and kinesiology, and use their education and knowledge along with the results of your fitness assessment test to make your program that will strengthen your body and bring you the best results!

Equilibrium Personal Training
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